Attic Insulation in Seattle

Are you aware of insufficient insulation in your attic, but are concerned with added attic insulation cost?attic-insulation-seattle-wa

If you are searching for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor who is knowledgeable in the many benefits provided by an insulating attic project, search no longer. We are professionals at insulating installations, or removal and upgrades.

You may require clean-out services of old insulation prior to the additional of new blown-in insulation, or just an addition to existing insulation. In either case, we have the technological expertise and state of the art equipment to bring your structure up to code with cost effective methods.

Our services include:

  • Complete inspection of attic insulation
  • Removal of old insulation
  • Attic cleanup and sanitization
  • Air sealing perimeter of attic and around ductwork
  • General air sealing of common attic air leaks
  • Upgrades as required

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How To Save Money On Your Attic Insulation Cost

Are there cost savings associated with insulting an attic?

One of the most efficient energy-payback projects you can do on your building structure is upgrading your home with energy efficient insulation, especially insulating attic projects.

Certainly bringing a building up to current insulation standards will provide greater comfort, but you can also save anywhere from 10% to 50% on healing and cooling utility bills.

The upgrading insulation savings for an insulating attic installation depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Where you live
  • The type of heating system you have
  • Severity of air leaks in the attic and its perimeter
  • The amount of insulation added to the structure

As an added service option to our customers, our home energy audit can provide useful home efficiency solutions including an attic inspection. There are instant rebates on your attic insulation cost in addition to other benefits such as an air flow diagnosis and personalized improvement plan.

Why Choose Us For Insulating Your Attic?

Blowing insulation into your attic is an efficient insulating attic solution that will save money on your energy bills.

There is preparation work involved for blowing insulation that is probably best left in the hands of our professional insulation contractors, such as:

  • Sealing air gaps, cracks and holes to eliminate heating and air conditioning leaks
  • Installation of ventilation chutes
  • Bringing electrical wiring up to code
  • Isolation of heat sources from cellulose

There are benefits associated with blown-in cellulose insulation including:

  • Competitively priced attic insulation cost
  • Reduced air leakage
  • Less costly to heat and cool structures than fiberglass insulation
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Eco-friendly

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Q. How Much Attic Insulation Do I Need?

A. Insulation levels are measured by R-Value. R-Value indicates an insulations resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The suggested R-Value for attic insulation is R38 which is about 10-14 inches.  The easiest way to determine if you need more insulation in your attic is to poke your head in and take a look.  If your insulation is lower than the joists then you need more.

Q. Does My Attic Need To Be Ventilated?

A. Proper attic ventilation is important to keep your insulation and attic space dry and healthy.  Adequate air circulation prevents excessive heat and moisture from damaging the structure.  It also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.  When attic insulation is blown in air baffles are installed next to attic vents to keep the insulation from blocking air flow.

Q. I Need More Attic Insulation. Do You Get Rid Of The Insulation I Already Have?

A.In many cases no. If there is nothing wrong with your existing insulation we just add more insulation to the top of it. However, if your current insulation has been damaged due to pests like rodents, we recommend getting rid of the old insulation and sanitizing your attic before adding new insulation. In such a case we vacuum out old damaged insulation as well as sanitize and deodorize your attic before adding new insulation.