Basement Insulation

Here in the Seattle area, finishing a basement is one of the most popular ways to add livable space and real value to your home. Whether you are creating a new finished basement or remodeling an existing space, insulating your basement is crucial. If you are installing basement insulation, then Eastside Insulation has the expertise and experience you need. 

With nearly 50 years of experience, Eastside Insulation ensures your basement walls are properly insulated to maximize comfort and efficiency. Call us today at 425-482-2100 for a no-cost estimate from one of our professional installers. 

Effective Basement Insulation is Key insulation-installation-federal-way-wa

A quality basement can become the focal point of a home if done properly. But your basement won’t entice your family or new buyers if it is drafty and cold instead of warm and cozy. Whether you are insulating exterior basement walls or basement wall panels, it is important to make sure your space is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. A properly-insulated basement will: 

  • Increase energy savings 
  • Improve the livability of your home 
  • Add value to your home 
  • Help keep out rats and other pests 

At Eastside Insulation we will make sure your basement is fully insulated, in addition to providing pest control services to ensure it is protected. Call us today for a free insulation estimate. 

Options for Insulating Basement Walls 

There are a number of different products available for basement insulation. Spray foam, blown-in, and traditional insulation are all options, however only one will be right for you. We work with homeowners to find the best material for every space and consider: 

  • The location of the home 
  • Surrounding environment 
  • How the basement will be used 
  • Cost and energy efficiency 

Our installers will also help determine the need for any additional materials, such as a basement vapor barrier or moisture barrier. If your basement needs insulation, then our expert professionals will deliver. Call Eastside Insulation today at 425-482-2100 to schedule an appointment and address your basement insulation needs. 

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