Blower Door Test

What Is A Blower Door Test?


This question can be followed by, “Why would I need a blower door test?”

A blower door is a powerful variable speed fan temporarily mounted to an exterior door frame to pull air from the house to lower the interior air pressure. With greater outside air pressure entering the house through cracks and openings, the air infiltration rate of the home is quantified, providing a way to establish the location of air leaks.

To answer the second question, blower door testing can reveal costly air leaks and their location so that upgrades can be made to improve energy efficiency.

It is important to minimize air leaks by improving building tightness determined by our test to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Eliminate moisture condensation problems
  • Improve air quality by reducing indoor air pollutants

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How Can A Blower Door Test Save Me Money?


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While the name may seem strange, it is an excellent way of saving money on energy bills.

The following are some of the stronger benefits in consideration of blower door testing:

  • Avoidance of cold drafts as outside cold air enters your space
  • Reduction of air leakages that increases energy efficiency
  • Elimination of moisture condensation problems
  • Improvement in air quality
  • Reduction in energy costs identified by the test

A blower door test can identify energy loss in your home or business. Call us for blower door testing in the area to help determine where improvements could be made.


Why Call Us For Blower Door Testing?


As a locally owned and family operated business since 1969, we have developed a time-honored reputation for trustworthiness and expert services.

We know from our experience in conducting the blower door test that we can provide:

  • Energy cost savings as a result of reduced air leakages
  • Professional services with customer satisfaction that will stand the test of time
  • Blower door test experts that can recommend energy efficiency solutions
  • Contractor services for upgrades that meet local codes and state regulations


Call Eastside Insulation for a blower door test that can identify energy loss in your home. We provide blower door testing in the area to determine where improvements could be made to minimize air leakage.