Blown-In Insulation

Blown-In Insulation Services 

Do the temperatures throughout your home change wildly? If your air conditioner runs constantly during the summer, or your heater cycles on all the time in the winter, you may need blown insulation for your home. 

Eastside Insulation is a professional insulation contractor, locally owned and family operated since 1969. We have decades of experience in the installation of blown-in insulation. 

blown insulation“Blown-in” insulation simply means insulation that is sprayed into the cavities of walls, attics, and floors, rather than cut to size and fit into those spaces. Many forms of insulation are blown in, including: 

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Benefits of Blown Insulation 

Blown insulation has distinct benefits over other insulations. We highly recommend blown insulation as a way to increase energy savings, but additional benefits include: 

  • Shorter installation time 
  • Reduced fire risk 
  • Elimination of nearly all cracks and gaps 
  • Reduced noise
  • Prevention of moisture infiltration 

Moisture prevention is very important. Moisture breeds mold and makes your attic or crawlspace attractive to rodents and pests. The dampness itself destroys insulation, and creates an inviting home for infestation. However, blow-in insulation prevents moisture if applied correctly. 

Why Choose Us? 

blown insulation

Eastside Insulation is a licensed, bonded insulation contractor with nearly 50 years of experience in the Seattle area. We are locally owned and family operated, and our professionally-trained technicians make sure your home is insulated well. We also offer: 

  • Personal and professional approach 
  • No job too large or too small for us
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Cost-effective pricing at a great value 

Blown insulation is a very popular choice for both homeowners and commercial properties. Call Eastside Insulation today at 425-482-2121 today for blown-in insulation services. 


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