Crawl Space Cleaning

Has Your Crawl Space Suffered from Rats, Mice or Other Rodents?

Are you one among many who does not want to enter your musty crawl space?

We provide crawl space cleaning and crawl space repair services that will transform the area into an energy efficient space that is environmentally clean and dry.

Frequently, the damp condition of these areas is an open invitation for rats, mice and other rodents to infest a home. And because these areas are conducive to water entry and even flooding, there is usually a collection of debris.

And in the most extreme cases, there is evidence of structural rotting that harbors rodents and pests.

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Crawl Space Repair to Remove Unwanted Debris

You may be questioning why there is unwanted debris and standing water in the areas below your living spaces.

Unwanted debris in those areas indicates problems with moisture, and even flooding. And most homeowners want nothing to do with crawling under the house to remove old paint cans, a collection of magazines, and debris that floated in from the outside.

We have trained staff that will provide crawl space cleaning to efficiently remove unwanted debris and existing contaminated insulation, and even sanitize the area to restore it to a clean and safe environment in preparation for repair.

Our repair services include:

  • Fixing all access holes
  • Sealing all gaps around pipes
  • Replacing or fixing vent screens, doors and wells
  • Repairing construction flaws in the rim joists and foundations
  • Installing a vapor barrier to maintain a dry floor
  • Sealing, repairing, reattaching or replacing faulty heat ducts
  • Replacing contaminated insulation with formaldehyde-free natural insulation
  • Sump pump installation where required

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Why Call Us for Crawl Space Cleaning?

Why would you want to clean that damp, musty, debris-filled area under the house that smells so bad?

All of the conditions listed can cause airborne mold spores to grow, metal to rust, and structural wood to rot. And those spores and dust mites are the most common contributors to indoor harmful allergens and air pollutants that create an unhealthy environment.

We have a trained team that can solve these problems with preventative measures, including crawl space repair, such as:

  • Removal of unwanted debris and sanitization
  • Replacing contaminated mold-damaged materials with waterproof materials
  • Controlling moisture with sump pump installation where required
  • Contaminated insulation removal and replacement installation
  • Provision of water drainage system

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