Duct Sealing Service


Duct Sealing Service For Home And Business Property

What is air duct sealing and why is it important?

Like any operating system within our homes and businesses, ductwork suffers eventual wear and tear. And when it starts to develop cracks, penetrating holes and even section disconnection, the openings will result in system air loss.

And this is why sealing air ducts is important. Until the leaks are sealed, you will experience:

  • Increased heating bills
  • Waste of energy
  • Undue stress on HVAC equipment to fulfill thermostat settings
  • Contaminated indoor air quality

As a locally owned and family operated business since 1969, we have professionally trained and experienced technicians who can inspect those areas to determine the extent of air leakage and apply mastic sealant or metallic tape to close the leaks.

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What Are The Benefits Of Air Duct Sealing?

Sealing air ducts may not seem like a high priority, but there are important benefits in doing so.

These are examples of important benefits to sealing:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • An increase in energy efficiency
  • Increased safety by eliminating back drafting of unsafe gases
  • Consistency in heating and cooling temperatures

While sealing air ducts may be considered a simple task, it actually requires the services of a highly trained technician for safe and proper sealing for the ventilation system.

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Why Choose Us For Sealing Air Ducts?

Did you know that greater than 90% of existing buildings in North America have leaky duct systems that are creating all kinds of problems such as discomfort and inordinately high energy bills?

Ductwork is not highly noticeable because our homes and businesses are designed to keep duct work out of sight.

You will undoubtedly know, however, when it is time to call in our experts for air duct sealing. A few examples may include:

  • Strange odors in the ventilation system
  • An unevenness or drop in airflow resulting in cold spots
  • Greater frequency of repairs because of system overwork

We highly recommend the services of our professionally trained HVAC technicians who are expert in locating leaks and sealing air ducts to prevent any further energy loss and contaminated indoor air.

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