Home Insulation Seattle

Do you know what will give you the biggest bang for your buck when considering house insulation? Adding insulating to your attic provides the biggest return.

home insulation in seattleWhen adding insulation to an existing home, the best options include attic, crawl space and basement insulation. If you home is insufficiently insulated, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

As a professional insulation contractor, we can:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Provide a healthier living space
  • Improve the comfort of your home
  • Provide added sound control

Eastside Insulation is a locally-owned and family operated business since 1969 providing home insulation services including options for basement insulation, crawl space, attic and complete house insulation. Call us for a free no-obligation evaluation. 425-287-6882

Benefits of Insulating Basement Walls

Do you believe your home is properly insulated against the cold? Your basement is one of the leakiest areas of your home, second only to the attic!

Since you live in an area that requires home heating and air conditioning, it is important to have your home adequately insulated, and that includes basement insulation.

This is an especially poignant consideration if your home was built more than ten years ago because many homes were not specifically constructed with house insulation values for maximum energy efficiency.

When we provide a home energy audit, you will learn all about the benefits of home insulation, including basements, attics and crawl spaces. The benefits are not only monetary, but also include:


  • Improved indoor air quality and health
  • Air sealing service holes that provide entry by rodents and other pests
  • Control of excess moisture that causes mold, odors, decay and mildew
  • Reduction of drafts and air infiltration

We provide professional home insulation services including options for basement, crawl space and attic insulation and whole house insulation.

Why Choose Us For House Insulation Installation?


home insulation in seattleProfessional experience is always a wise choice when committing to a house insulation installation.

Through our many years as a professional insulation contractor, we know that living in this beautiful region requires an understanding of home insulation and energy efficiency.

In fact, because of our beautiful summer temperatures and cooler winters, it is also wise to consider basement insulation to reduce energy consumption and create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

There are many reasons for choosing us for insulating your home, including:


  • A home energy audit conducted by a licensed and certified contractor
  • Professional knowledge of places to check for insulation deficiencies
  • Reduced utility expenses with expert insulation installers
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • Competitive pricing

Call Eastside Insulation for home insulation services that include options for basement insulation, crawl space and attic insulation. We also provide a free estimate of services. Call 425-287-6882.