Rodent Control

One of the leading causes of insulation damage is rats and mice. When rodents chew through insulation in your attic, crawlspace, basement and walls, they create health hazards for you and your family. At Eastside Insulation, we address your insulation needs once your home is clean, safe and protected from critters. Our rodent control process is as thorough as you will find in the Seattle area.

At Eastside Exterminators, we pride ourselves on efficiency and honesty. That’s why every rodent control service we conduct goes through our proven four-step process to ensure the problem is solved. If your insulation has been damaged by rats or mice, then call us at 425-287-2100 to schedule an inspection with one of our experts.

Our Four-Step Rodent Control Process

Step 1: Inspection 

When our technicians come to you, they will: 

  • Inspect your structure to identify all current and potential rodent entry points 
  • Take pictures of all damage and entry points 
  • Set up a trapping system (the traps are yours to keep, until you proceed to Step 2) 
  • Email you a detailed rodent exclusion report 
  • Complete a consultation with you at the time of the inspection 

Step 2: Exclusion 

After your structure has been inspected and traps set, technicians will return to: 

  • Seal off entry points detailed in the exclusion report, using rodent-proof materials 
  • Check traps, remove rodents, and reset traps 
  • Give you a 30-day warranty from the date exclusion repairs are completed 

Note: after your structure has been sealed off, you may still hear rodent sounds. This is normal! 

Step 3: Follow-Up Inspection/Protection Service 

Once exclusion measures have been completed, technicians will: 

  • Inspect exclusion repairs on the structure 
  • Look for any new entry and exit points 
  • Inspect traps, remove rodents, and remove traps 
  • Set up outside protection stations around the structure and property 

Once re-inspection is complete, technicians will protect your structure against re-infestation. This includes cleaning and maintaining exterior protection stations at least every other month and checking attics and crawlspaces annually for evidence of rodents. We will also provide extra service calls as needed, outside of regularly-scheduled services. At every service appointment, a technician will perform exterior visual inspections of your home to identify conditions conducive to re-infestation.

Step 4: Remove and Replace Damaged Insulation 

Once the rodent issue is under control, technicians will create a sanitation and insulation report for your structure. Using this report, they will: 

  • Clean all damaged and affected areas 
  • Remove insulation, nests, droppings, garbage and construction debris from affected areas 
  • Sanitize and deodorize all affected areas 
  • Reinstall new insulation in all affected areas

At Eastside Insulation, your comfort and safety are key. Call us today at 425-287-2100 to schedule a rodent inspection with one of our expert inspectors.