The Spray Foam Insulation Experience, From Someone Who Did It

This story of spray foam insulation experience comes to us from one of our customers, who finished his insulation project in December.

It wasn’t until about nine months after we moved in, but the first heat wave in our North Seattle home was the breaking point. We needed new insulation.

The house was advertised as a four-bedroom, two-story, 1,500 square foot home, but that was misleading. Only two of those bedrooms, one of those floors, and about 1,000 of those square feet were usable for 10 months of the year. The two large bedrooms on the second floor were almost completely un-insulated, so they sat virtually empty since we moved in.

The winters were bad, but the summers were worse — a sunny 72-degree day outside would be a broiling 85-degree sauna upstairs. We don’t have central air conditioning, and there is only so much an AC window unit can do!

With a second baby on the way in June, the time came to make those rooms livable. The quirks of the house stood out as we began planning — a mishmash of small renovations by previous owners left odd spaces, angles and gaps that would be hard to properly insulate with fiberglass batting or blown-in cellulose.

Kevin from Eastside Insulation walked us through the entire process during our free estimate visit, and gave us great suggestions on how and what to do. In just 30 minutes, we had a clear idea of what was going to be accomplished, and what we would need to do to make it happen.

spray foam insulation experience

My Spray Foam Insulation Experience

Closed-cell spray foam insulation was the best choice. We could cover every nook and cranny under the roof and on the exterior walls, and use different depths of foam at different spots to maximize our budget. And Eastside Insulation would remove the old blown-in rock wool insulation (what little was there). We just had to get the space ready.

Before Eastside could give us a detailed quote, we had to take out all the existing drywall and indoor wood siding to expose the space. We didn’t have to remove any framing, which saved us money in the drywall rebuild. Dana came over and took exact measurements, then wrote up a quote for us within a couple of days.

I was able to talk to people at Eastside to balance the plan between maximizing effectiveness and minimizing cost. In the end, we were able to come up with a plan that fit our original budget exactly.

Scheduling Installation

The most involved part of the project was actually finding the proper time to schedule the work. When spraying in foam insulation, the entire house has to be vacated from the start of the project until six hours after spraying is finished. The size of the project meant we would have to vacate our house for 48 hours.

With a two-year-old, a pregnant wife and all our family living out of state, this was a big ask! We didn’t have money tucked away for a spontaneous two-night hotel stay in Seattle. Thankfully, the great people at Eastside worked with me through half a dozen phone calls to find the right dates for the work. This happened to be over the holidays when we were already planning to be out of town, but that didn’t matter to Eastside — they were at our house on Dec. 27, no questions asked!

A Whole New House

We returned from our holiday travel to find our second floor cleaner than we had left it, and completely insulated in foam. (The foam actually has a bluish tint, which helped us visually what the rooms might look like with paint!) Since that moment, comfort at our house has increased more than we ever expected. We run our heater about half as much as we used to, but the house stays warmer longer. The second floor is now the most comfortable part of the house. Once all our new drywall work is complete — which is taking a lot longer than our insulation work! — the livable part of our house will be 50 percent larger than it was before.

From start to finish, Eastside Insulation made this an easy, painless process. I couldn’t be happier with my spray foam insulation experience.

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