Sump Pump Installation

How to Solve Standing Water in Your House 

sump pumpStanding water in your basement or crawlspace can seriously damage your home. With heavy rain comes the possibility of flooding in your home, but a sump pump installation can avert disaster. 

Most people rarely think about drainage pumps, if ever. If you have water collecting in your basement or crawlspace, then finding the source is key. Installation of a pump will treat the symptom, but the root cause can usually be traced back to a drainage problem. Continued drainage problems can severely affect your home, including: 

  • Foundation damage 
  • Rotting wood beams or joists 
  • Mold and mildew spread 
  • Insulation damage 

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Select the Right Sump Pump 

sump pumpIf you find standing water or drainage issues in your basement or crawlspace, then you have options in selecting a pump. You will have to consider: 

  • Type of pump (submersible or pedestal) 
  • Horsepower 
  • Manually-operated or automatic 
  • Head pressure (the height a pump can raise water) 
  • Voltage 
  • Backup and alarm system 

These are difficult considerations, but Eastside Insulation can help. Our professionally-trained technicians help you choose the right product for your home, then install it as safely and efficiently as possible. 

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Remove Water from Crawlspace 

sump pumpWhen you find standing water that is not the result of a plumbing leak, then a sump pump system installation is usually recommended. Installing a sump pump is best left to professionals, because it can involve: 

  • Selection of a strategic location 
  • Tying into existing pipe work 
  • Safely securing to the local power grid 
  • Selecting the appropriate pump 

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