Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installations


Does the thought of sump pumps ever enter your mind? If your answer is “no”, you are actually in the majority because very few people are aware of the condition of their pump.

If you have water collecting in your basement or crawl space, it would be wise to determine the source so that drainage solutions can be installed to correct the problem. Installation of a pump will treat the symptom, but the root cause can usually be traced back to a drainage problem.

In the event of standing water or drainage issues in your basement or crawl space, these are some of the decisions you will need to make in selecting a pump:

  • Type – submersible or pedestal
  • Horsepower
  • Manually-operated or an automatic pump
  • Head pressure, or the height a pump can raise water
  • Voltage
  • A backup and alarm systemdrainage-solutions-seattle-wa

Or you can just call Eastside Insulation for recommendations and installation. We are a professional insulation business that installs sump pumps or complete systems, as well as providing drainage solutions for wet basements and crawl spaces. 425-287-6882

Sump Pumps Can Help Remove Water In Crawl Space


So you have checked your crawl space and found standing water that is not coming from above. That’s a problem!

A pump system installation is usually recommended to remove standing water as a result of heavy rain. In addition to drainage solutions, these pump installations can be difficult because they involve:

  • Selection of a strategic location
  • Tying into existing pipe work
  • Securing safely to the local power gridsump-pumps-seattle-wa
  • Selection of the appropriate pump

This is a process that is best left in the hands of professionals who, in the long run, will save time and expense.

Call for a free no-obligation estimate from professionals who guarantee installations of sump pumps and drainage solutions for basements and crawl spaces.

We Have Drainage Solutions For Your Drainage Problems


Frequently, basement and crawl space water problems involve exterior drainage problems.

And even if sump pumps are recommended by a variety of sources, it is essential that the drainage solutions include a drainage system installation to channel water into an isolated pit.

Understandably, when excessive water accumulates in the crawl space or a portion of the basement, mold becomes a potential problem because of moisture and lack of light.

Is there urgency in resolving the drainage problems? Certainly over the long term problems can occur, such as:

  • Foundation damage as a result of standing water
  • Rotting of wooden beams and joists
  • Development of harmful strains of mold

We encourage you to call Eastside Insulation for professionals who have experience in the installation of sump pumps.