Vapor Barrier

What Is Vapor Barrier?


A vapor barrier is a sheet of material through which water vapor cannot easily pass, such as aluminum foil, polyethylene film or an asphalt-impregnated kraft paper.

While the installation of a crawl space vapor barrier may seem relatively simple, this is a project for a professional insulation contractor because it is much more complicated than it seems. For example, industry standards for vapor barrier installation materials are far superior to the quality of materials from a retail supplier.

These are examples of excessive crawl space moisture problems:

  • Paint peeling from the exterior of the home
  • Standing water or mud conditions on a dirt floor following heavy rains
  • Indications of rust and rot in the crawl space
  • Mold and mildew on first-floor walls
  • High radon levels

Call Eastside Insulation for professional installation of a crawl space vapor barrier. A vapor barrier installation is designed to keep out moisture that supports the growth of mold, dust mites and other pests. 425-287-6882

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Benefits For The Homeowner

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A crawl space vapor barrier can prevent hundreds of gallons of ground water annually from entering your home and creating damage!

A professional vapor barrier installation provides benefits for the homeowners, such as:

  • Hinders production of molds
  • Lessens probability of insects and rodent attraction
  • Reduces wood structure deterioration
  • Blocks movement of harmful gases such as radon
  • Energy cost savings

If you are a homeowner with a crawl space that was built with insufficient air sealing and insulation, call us for a free no-obligation cost estimate for a vapor barrier installation. We can improve your indoor air quality, reduce energy loss, and lower excessive wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

Why Call Us For Vapor Barrier Installation?

Commercial ceiling

Many of our customer calls are for installation of a crawl space vapor barrier in residential or commercial buildings where the old construction practice involved vented, dirt-floored crawl spaces.

As a professional insulation contractor since 1969, we know how to improve the air quality and structural integrity of your crawlspace. We can even convert your crawlspace into a practical storage area with protection from mold and rot.

These are some of the reasons that customers have chose us for crawl space vapor barrier installation:

  • Trustworthy insulation contractor since 1969
  • Locally owned and family operated
  • Professionally trained technicians
  • High-quality technology and state-of-the-art equipment
  • A “no job is too large or too small” attitude
  • Cost effective pricing and great value

Call Eastside Insulation for high-quality solutions for a vapor barrier installation that can help stop mold, insect or rodent issues and structural wood rot.