Why You Need Good Insulation in Warm Weather

The common perception is that you need good insulation when it’s cold outside, or else your house will be cold inside as well. This is not wrong, of course — if your house is poorly insulated, then you will be cold in winter. However, many people don’t know how important good insulation is during the hot summer months as well. Here’s why you need good insulation in warm weather.

What Is Insulation For?

insulation in warm weather

The purpose of insulation is not just to “keep heat in,” contrary to popular belief. In fact, the point of insulation isn’t even really to keep heat anywhere. At it’s most basic level, insulation simply blocks heat conductivity. This is why insulation effectiveness is measured by R-value: it’s measuring how resistant the insulation is to heat transfer.

Additionally, it’s not just the fiberglass (or cellulose, or spray foam) filling your ceilings and walls that insulates against heat transfer. Wood, drywall, shingling, aluminum, even paint all provide some level of insulation. Most of those materials (and others used to build our homes) are quite bad at resisting heat transfer, however, which is why we use traditional insulation materials as well.

In Warm Weather, Insulation Keeps You Cool

So in warm weather, instead of cold, insulation is just as important. If the entire purpose of insulation is to block heat transfer, then good insulation will keep your home cool in summer.

Take it from someone who just had his insulation replaced — good insulation is a necessity in hot weather. The second floor of my home was completely unusable if the outside temperature was above 70 degrees. With no insulation in the walls or ceilings upstairs, it became an oven in even moderately warm weather. For us, it has become more important to have good insulation in warm weather than in the cold.

So, as the weather continues to improve and temperatures rise, don’t wait to upgrade your insulation. Call us now at 425-482-2121 for a free estimate, and keep your home cool this summer!

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