Attic Cleaning

Cleaning Your Attic After Wildlife or Rodent Damage 

Attic cleaning after rodent or wildlife damage is an important step in stopping future infestations. 

Many rodents and other wildlife prefer living in attics, where insulation provides a comfortable nesting area. The danger arises when those uninvited guests contaminate your insulation, because it can create a health hazard for you and your family. 

Eastside Insulation is a licensed, bonded and insured insulation contractor with nearly 50 years of experience. Following removal of the wildlife and rodents from your attic, our services include complete attic clean up and restoration. This includes: 

  • Professional removal of damaged insulation, excrement and debris 
  • Sanitization and application of eco-friendly disinfectant 
  • Deodorization to discourage future infestation 
  • Sealing entry and exit points 
  • Inspection for mold or mildew, with treatment if needed 

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Attic Cleaning and Restoration Services 

Can you complete an attic cleanup yourself after an infestation? 

Rodents and wildlife are drawn to the insulation found in attics where they can nest and breed. But they also leave behind feces and urine that carry many diseases and serve as breeding areas for insects. 

Additionally, animals leave fleas, ticks or lice in damaged insulation, especially after dying. These insects search for new hosts, often settling on humans. 

Our professional services include: 

  • Removal of all hazardous waste 
  • Removal of contaminated attic insulation 
  • Efficient, hygienic clean up services 
  • Replacement of insulation 

Why Choose Us for Your Attic Cleanup 

Attic clean up involves so much more than cleaning visible surface areas. Removal of wildlife and rodents is expensive for an amateur, because the critters come back if the work is incorrect.

Whether your attic is neglected or infested, we provide professional attic cleaning services. Our insulation installers are professionally trained and certified. 

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